Salt + Stone Photography
Telling nontraditional, daring and honest stories of Birth + People in Bozeman MT and Beyond. 
Coming to Kitsap Co Washington summer 2019.

Hi I’m Sierra


I’m an wild-hearted old-soul with a love of funky hair colors, Lord Huron (Ends of the Earth is my JAM) and matcha lattes. The stories of people touch my heart and amaze me. Stories of power, of bravery, of softness and love remind me how freakin’ amazing it is to be human.

Birth is so much more than the act of pushing. It’s the stories of our old selves unraveling as contractions get more intense. The threads of parenthood woven into the very fiber of our souls with every surge. It is the full spectrum of emotion that women feel during it all. It is about documenting and celebrating women’s incredible bodies and spirits. It is the making of a family and the redefining of an existing one.

I’m big on being emotionally invested as part of your Birth Team and go into each Birth space with all the respect + love. I’ll probably hug you when we first meet, I’ll rally around you, support you and cherish every damn second we spend together.

The result of all of this are deeply emotional images that you can connect to with all of your heart. Images that you’ll pass down when you’re telling stories to your family for years to come.