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 "it means less us more them. stepping out of the way. leading with relationship and letting people, well, be people."
—Wyn Wiley

Hi there friend


It’s always kind of strange to talk about myself like this. But hi, I’m Sierra and this is my little corner of the Internet. I'm a bit of a rambler, sort of awkward and I sport a serious love of coffee if you haven’t got that already.

As a photographer, I’m also known for always being trustworthy, reliable, kind, non-judgemental, inclusive, relatable and really good at bringing the heart of the moment to my images.

There is not posed, awkward photography here. I shoot from the soul and follow my intuition to get the images that need to be taken - ones you might not even realize you’ll need. The bad, the ugly, the chaos, the beauty and the grit.

My job is to tell the damn truth about how incredible humans are and that’s exactly what I do.


Behind the Scenes Support Crew


John: incredibly handsome husband, awesome coffee maker, exceptional coaching/cheerleading skills, always has my back.

Theodore: rad toddler son, sleep deprivation survival trainer, animal cracker expert.

These two make sure everything works behind the scenes so that I can dedicate my working hours to my clients. John’s been known to take Theo with him to college classes (where he is actually beloved by student and professor alike because he’s that cool) and is in charge of making sure there’s childcare arranged if needed.


 Style + Philosophy

I’m not your average photographer and that’s totally okay with me.

Your birth space is sacred, magical and wondrous. I enter into your birth space as a friend (who happens to be a rad photographer too), which always helps ease the minds of the laboring woman. I’ve been known to put my camera aside and use a clipboard as a fan, or fetch ice water for Mom and coffee for Dad. While I will never, ever invade the space of your medical providers, I’m always willing to provide support in the small ways I can. Besides documenting the powerful, divine feminine that you are.

As for editing, I’m all about moody, dreamy tones, deep Black and Whites
and photographic art that makes you feel something tighten in your chest.



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