What Is Documentary Style Photography? // Bozeman Family Photography

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to write a little on what Family Sessions with me look like, as the term documentary itself can be sort of uncertain. As to my definition, it means unposed sessions without stiff Pinterest style poses or awkward, unauthentic smiles. These sessions are focused on candid moments, real life emotion, everyday tasks, and remembering just how awesome your family is! I want to capture the eye rolling, waffle making, on-the-bed-jumping, crazy cute kiddos that you call “yours.” I’ll use some verbal prompts to help create real interactions if need be, or we’ll just roll with the punches and see what happens.

The Tidepool Story is "posed" in a way that I give some direction, if needed, and then document the natural responses after. You won’t hear me say “now smile at the camera!” during my sessions at all. It’s shot in a totally candid, authentic way as all guidance is meant to evoke real reactions, laughter and emotion. Everyone will have fun, I promise! The top images is a great example.

The Shallows & Deep Stories are fully documentary sessions. Meaning I come hang out with you on a regular day and photograph all of the little, magical moments that happen. There’s absolutely no posing, direction or suggestions from me. Just your family in their natural habitat! The result is awesome, photojournalistic style images that depict exactly how extraordinary your family is when they’re just being themselves. Check out the bottom photograph for a documentary example!