Relocating // Kitsap County Washington

We received a letter in the mail last week that answered a BIG prayer/question in our lives.

John was accepted to Olympic College meaning….WE ARE MOVING TO WASHINGTON IN JUNE! We’ll be in the Kitsap County Area (Think Bremerton - a ferry ride away from Seattle!)

The PNW cast a spell on our hearts that was undeniable. Even Theodore is constantly asking to go back to the “big water with boats”. It’s going to be a big, awesome, wild change to move out of the state I’ve lived in since 2001 but we are so ready for this next adventure.

So, I will only be accepting Births and Fresh 48 sessions until May. Thank you so much everyone for the love and kindness you’ve shown us these past few years. Salt and Stone Photography will continue document stories in Kitsap County Washington.