The Soul of a Birth Photographer

Hi Everyone! This post is all about who I am as a Birth Photographer and what I bring to the table. When you hire me, you’re not only getting a professional who has great equipment + knows how to use it. You’re choosing a friend who is genuinely dedicated to documenting YOUR story. When your child is born, I want you to be left with two beautiful things to remember it all by: your new little babe, and the photographs.

When your future selves want to tell someone how amazing it all was, I don't want you to be at a loss for words. I want you to be able to grab the album off of your coffee table and say, "Look at what we did. Look at what I accomplished."

My photography is all about sacred little moments; the way partners hold onto each other, wiping away tears and beads of sweat. The way a woman roars with those last few pushes. How a newborn babe rests in the arms of it’s parents, awash with love and adoration. These are the kind of photographs you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives.



  • Being empathetic and observant.
    These two are essential in helping me anticipate if I need to move to another spot in the room to document the kind of photos that make your heart glow. It also helps me stay out of the way of your birth team, and ensure that something like Flash isn’t interrupting your birth work.

  • Friendship over simple (and sometimes cold) business relationships.
    Meeting in person over something like tea or coffee (or utilizing Facetime!) puts Mothers + their crews at ease. I don’t want to be the awkward stranger in the room! My goal is to be a peaceful, unobtrusive part of the background in your Birth space. Talking in some form before you go into labor is a great way to help maintain that organic relationship through your whole labor and delivery.

  • Being conscientious.
    I don’t wear overpowering perfumes/hair products and promise to always wear deodorant and brush my teeth.  I won’t be making jokes unless you ask for one (that’s happened a lot actually!) and I won’t be drawing attention to myself. I know this is not about me. And I will never, ever offer any medical advice because that’s not what I’m qualified or there for.  I’ll always respect your decisions because I respect YOU.

  • All Inclusive and Non-judgemental.
    I will never, ever bring judgement into your birthing space. Your choices are all your own and I have the utmost respect for them all.
    I am also a fully inclusive Birth Photographer - All Are Welcome Here. I haven’t had the opportunity to Photograph all the diverse Births I hope to, so please don’t think that lack of representation = lack of love and respect for all.

  • Professional Gear I know how to use.
    I use professional Fujifilm gear, usually my trusty 35mm and a speedlight to bounce light if I need to. One of the things I adore about my camera is it’s mirrorless and has an option to silence the shutter. Which means if you are the kind of person who wants utter silence during your birth, you won’t be hearing the noise of my shutter going. It’s also great in low light even though I really love to embrace the texture and feel of grain. There’s just something about that bit of grit that really emphasizes the gritty, feminine strength of Birthing. 

  • Vulnerability over inauthenticity.
    I will never, ever pose you during birth or try to orchestrate moments for the camera that aren’t really happening.

  • Human connection + love over all.
    The most important thing to me is to tell your story in a way that authentically captures the raw and real emotions of your labor and delivery.

All of these things help make your experience with me as your photographer, incomparable + incredible.

If your emotions run deep, if your soul wanders, and your love is unwavering, I’m probably the photographer for you. Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this, and I hope to hear from you soon.