Q + A


How many images do you deliver?


I don't have a limit on how many images I give my client. I simply cannot choose! a photo that is my favorite might not be your and that knowledge bothers me. So it’s a flat rate with me and I’ll send you every photo you look like a goddess in. for portrait sessions thats usually anywhere from 15-30, 50-100 for hiking or day in the life stories and 75+ for births.


what happens if you miss our birth?


If for some horrible reason, I cannot make it you’ll be refunded per the terms on our contract. I have not missed a birth yet (knock on wood) though!


Why is birth photography so darn expensive!?


I have a specific skillset that makes me a great birth photographer and a style of work that I truly value and adore. My clients aren't just $$ to me, they're dear friends. I'm there through it all and you end up with birth photographs that document your day in ways you didn't even know you wanted.I spend countless hours on call, culling, editing, working to enhance client experience, educating myself on birth, repairing and replacing equipment, and staying friends long after your baby is born. TRUST ME, Birth photographs you’re obsessed with are 1000% worth it. And hiring a Birth Photographer you really connect with, is basically priceless.


Why should I hire you?


I’m an empath - it’s sort of like my superpower. It helps give me a complete understanding of who YOU are and what you need from me during the process. I’m not afraid of putting my camera down to go grab water for Mom and Coffee for Dad (and I’ve never, ever missed an important shot doing this!). Plus, I’m caring, funny, a good listener, understanding and 100% non-judgmental. Not to mention my skill, experience, professional equipment and warm personality.


What’s your favorite coffee drink?


It depends on the day. If I'm feeling fancy I want a lavender latte with oat milk (I'm lactose intolerant) or matcha latte. If I'm feeling old-fashioned I want drip coffee with coconut milk as my creamer and honey.


Do you have a studio?


I do not! Since 80% of my work is Birth, I don’t believe it would be used enough for the cost. All of my motherhood, family and couple sessions take place outside or in the client’s home.


how do we book you?


Shoot me an email or give me a call at 406-823-0736. If you need an immediate response please call me.