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Southwest Montana Birth Photography


How it all begins

Scroll through the website, hopefully you’ll fall in love with my work and my mission.

Let’s talk! Shoot me an email ( with all of the details regarding your pregnancy and delivery. We can talk about all the paperwork pieces at that time too.

A month or two before your due date, we’ll meet in person to discuss all the details, hang out and leave feeling more like friends who.

As your due date approaches, I ask you to please keep me updated on anything I need to know from your appointments.

Two weeks before your due date, I’ll be on call for you, gear packed and ready to go. When your contractions begin, you, or someone from your support crew will let me know and determine when I should arrive.  


What I Do

I document your labor and delivery so you and your crew can focus on bringing this baby earthside. Afterwards, I’ll stay up to 2 hours capturing all of your little one’s firsts like latching & weigh in.

I’m available for you at 38+ weeks until 42 weeks - 24/7. Yes, I will show up at 2am and do so with a smile.

I’ll come to you when you are 5-6 cm dilated (but may come sooner if you’ve had quick labors in the past or the Montana weather is acting up).

I will document your labor and delivery as authentically as possible, and without judgment. I aim to match your energy and to be as supportive as I can of every choice you make throughout the journey. 

Birth photography is a non-judgemental, all inclusive experience for everyone.


The photographs you will love

The fee for birth photography services is $900 total ($400 required at booking).

This includes the time spent photographing, editing and images in a personal online gallery with a personal print release.

Within the 48 hours after your baby arrives I’ll send a few images over for you to share with family and friends.

Within 4 weeks, I will send you a gallery of 75 + full resolution, hand edited images. The images will be both in black and white, and in color. We’ll discuss your preference of both styles during our meet and greet.

If you have a night birth and want older siblings or other visitors to meet the baby during the day, I offer an add-on of one hour of coverage to capture those first meetings. The fee for the additional coverage is $100 and includes 10 images.


How to book

Shoot me an email saying that you’re ready to book. I’ll send over the contract and invoice for the retainer (which is 50% of the total cost).

I know how busy life can get and sometimes, a phone call is easier than the back and forth of email, so let me know a time that is convenient for you and I will happily give you a buzz. or feel free to give me a call yourself.

you can get in touch with me here: or reach out at 406-823-0736 

Are you a detail + information lover like me? Keep scrolling for a big ‘ole FAQ!


The Big ‘Ole FAQ.

Q: Will you photograph……. surrogacy? meeting our adoptive child/children for the first time or their birth? lgbtq+? anything at all?

YES! I WOULD LOVE TO! If you don’t images that you are hoping for in my portfolio, it’s not because I don’t want to shoot those images. It’s simply because I have not had an opportunity to, and really I’d be absolutely honored to document your story. I am a fully inclusive photographer.

Q: Why do you love Birth photography so much?

On a personal level I adore Birth photography because I don’t remember all of my son’s birth. I honestly regret not having photographs of my labor and delivery to fill the gaps in my own memory. So I decided that I wanted to offer other women exactly what I missed out on.

The other reason is sheer inspiration and awe. I am constantly in awe of women, especially women who are doing what they need to, to bring a little human Earthside.

Q: Why are you different from other Birth photographers?

My fierce female intuition and emotional connection. I’m an empath - it’s sort of like my superpower. It helps give me a complete understanding of who YOU are and what you need from me during the process. I've had a client who her and her husband wanted to talk with me while she was in labor. There were a lot of jokes made, laughter and even some tears between the three of us while waiting on baby. Another client wanted silence to concentrate on what her amazing body was doing and I stayed respectfully quiet in the shadows. When you hire me, you’re not just hiring a photographer - I truly hope to come out of this experience as friends. And friends don’t judge their friends’ birth choices.

Q: How do I know you’ll make it to my Birth?

When you hire me as your Birth photographer, I go "on call" for you the same way a doctor or a midwife does. From 38 weeks until you deliver, I don't leave town and my phone is always by my side with a VERY loud ringtone. I love it when clients keep in touch with me through their final few weeks of pregnancy, letting me know how their prenatal appointments are going and informing me of everything that might mean an impending labor. When labor does occur, I’ll keep in touch with a point of contact until it is time for me to head your way. Knowing when to come is a careful mix of communication, gut instinct, and my knowledge about the birth process. I do have backup plans in case of extreme illness or if I’m at another birth and I’d love to chat with you about that.

Q: You’ll show up at 2 am?

Absolutely! This is my job and my passion - I will happily show up at any time of the day or night to photograph your Birth.

Q: How many photos will I get, and how long will it be till I get them?

Within 24 hours of your delivery I send over 3 "sneak peek" images for you to share with friends and family. These are optimized for emailing and sharing on social media.

Within 4 weeks I deliver your full gallery of photos, typically 100+, via an online gallery from which you can download the full-resolution files. All photos are fully edited and will be in both black and white, and color. We’ll discuss your preference of the colors at our face-to-face meet up.

Q: Will you photograph if I’m at ……..?

I am happy to photograph anywhere, but it is up to you to advocate for your desire to have birth photography with your provider. I have never had a problem photographing a birth at any of our area hospitals, including Bozeman Health and Billings Clinic - Livingston. At this point in time I have not been able to go into the OR with a client, but have a back up plan in place if a Cesarean is needed. Birth photographers are becoming more and more common and hospital staff are generally very welcoming. Many of them are used to my face and trust that I know to stay out of their way! If you provider is hesitant and wants to connect with me, I am more than happy to do that as well.

Q: Can’t I just have my spouse/partner/parent take photos?

I believe that everyone attending your birth deserves to be as emotionally and physically present as possible. Additionally, the instinctive desire for a dark environment while giving birth means that many people will have a hard time getting photographs that aren’t too dark, grainy or blurry. As a professional photographer experienced with this dark and cozy environment, I have both the equipment and the skills to be able to shoot confidently in a dimly lit room without disturbing you.

Q: How uh..intimate of photographs do you take?

That is all up to you. I can take photographs up close of baby coming into this world, and I can capturing this moment extremely discreetly without "showing anything". Both angles are telling the emotional story of this moment. It is always and completely up to the birthing mom, and we go over these preferences in detail prior to your birth. Additionally, no graphic photos will be shared publicly without your express written consent.

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